Find your style, discover a passion!

The International Martial Arts Show is an open public event that reunites all combat sports and martial arts for a week-end of demonstrations and free classes.

Lots of activities on schedule :

  • Martial Arts demonstration spectacles performed on The Main Stage
  • Various demonstrations, teachings and free self-defense tips on different training areas (La Cage, Le Ring, Le dojo)
  • Master Classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Conferences offered by professionals, celebrities and athletes
  • Exhibition booths of products and services

Official schedule of the International Martial Arts Show will be revealed online in 2019.

Our mission is to :

  • Promote martial arts, combat sports and self-defense.
  • Support and assert the industry with various platforms, notably through the Show.
  • Heighten awareness of training safely.
  • Develop and promote the prevention of aggressions.
  • Encourage the youth to the practice of self-defense.
  • Offer a support to organisms helping victims of criminal act.
  • Be a reference of informations on clubs and dojos, security measures and various martial arts and combat sports events in Quebec.

Official 2017 Event Poster

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The Holiday Inn is ideally located on the south shore of Montreal, and less than 20 minutes from the Palais des congres in Montreal.

They are offering the special event rate at 139$ plus applicable taxes single to quadruple occupancy. For reservation and please contact their reservation office at:

Tool Free number: 1800-263-0159

Courriel :

900 rue St-Charles Est

Longueuil, Qc J4H 3Y2



International Martial Arts Show


information to come...

Opening hours

Information to come...

Contact email :

Admission Fees

General admission (13 +)


Golden age (65 +)
Child (6 to 12)                                       


Children (5 -)


Family package (2 adults & 2 children)



*Prices are subject to change. Price valid in 2018.
** Taxes and Ticketpro fees not included.



Online Registration Form

  • Informations on the person in charge

  • Informations on organism or school

  • Address


    Make your school shine!
    Put together a 5 to 10 minutes demonstrations with your students that will show how your martial art (or sport) is taught in your school.
    Excellent opportunity for your school and students!
    A great publicity that will put you in direct contact to active people in the field.
    Submit your candidacy online before March 31, 2017.
    Subscription does not guaranty participation. Limited places. Priority to exhibitors. Free demonstration time slot on the main stage included with stand reservation.
    Special price for schools.  See registration form below.
    Contact us for details at  

    All participants are required to purchase an admission ticket to the International Martial Arts Show. Group discount is available to schools. Please communicate with us for more information.
    **Note: 4 badges included with a stand reservation.
    Thanks for your participation!

    Please follow these 3 steps to submit your candidacy :
    1- Fill the online form
    2- Send us a link of a short clip presenting your school, your style and two techniques in demonstration.
    3- Prepare a demonstration of 5-10 minutes.


    Subscription is open to all martial arts and combat sports schools, dojos, boxing clubs. 
    Online subscription only. The Management will announce the selected participants in april 2017.  Incomplete subscription will be automaticely  rejected.  Only the selected participants will be contacted. 

    The participants is engaged to perform a demonstration at Salon International des Arts Martiaux, May 27-28, 2017. Dates and schedule are subject to change. 

    We privileged :
    - Originality, Presentation, Talent ;
    - Dynamism and visible interest for their style of martial arts or combat sport ;
    - Precision in execution of techniques ;
    - Variety of age and sexe of the participants.

    The attire should be appropriate as wearing a uniform (kimono) or other official uniform of the demonstrated style.

    Equipment necessary for demonstration such as sabre, bokken, bo or other equipment must be safe.  Participants must bring their own equipment.  Participants will be responsible for their own good and will not be able to claim the loss or theft of their equipment to Salon International des Arts Martiaux.

    The selected participants will have to provide a good quality soundtrack that will be used during the show.

    Participants will have to move at their own expenses to get to the évent.
    Candidates must be available all day on the scheduled date.

    By signing this form, the person in charge, members registered and additional participants, consent to ensure that demonstrations are filmed and extracts may be used for promotional purposes by SIAM.

    The selected candidates agree hereby on what their name, photos and excerpts from performances to be used for their website and various advertising or promotions relative to all existing or forthcoming events of Salon International des Arts Martiaux, and this without no rémunération.

    This registration form becomes a consent for this purpose and must be agreed to validate registration.

    Candidates grant to Salon International des Arts Martiaux or any other broadcaster or production houses who promote the event and subsequent events, all non-exclusive rights to the downloaded videos.
    By submitting the form candidates allow the SIAM’s representatives to communicate with all means of communication provided.
    Personal information such as telephone number, address and email are collected only for the purposes of the administration of the presence application and will not be used for any other purpose without prior consent



     The Management reserves the right to adopt all régulations and directives it may deem necessary or useful in the interest of the exhibition and exhibitors in geneneral, and the participant undertakes to respect.

    All shipping cost of goods, items or effects must be paid in advance, otherwise the Management will have no obligation to receive the goods so delivered.
    The distribution of leaflets, macarons, samples, etc… must be confined in space rent only. These activities will not be permitted Under any circumstances in the aisles, lobby, restaurant or other place that have not been leased to the exhibitor.

    The participant will not distribute promotional flyers or other products and services belonging to a third party.

    The exhibitor will have no recourse against the Management because of any damages or losses affecting the property of the participant located on the leased premises, approaches and entrances or any damage or injury suffered by the participant, his servants, agents or employees, except by negligence of Management.
    The Direction is not responsible for any damage or trouble than any other tenant or adjacent neighbor may cause to the exhibitor. 

    Management reserves the right to refuse and even to expel any participant that it considers objectionable or facing complaints from visitors or prosecution in the courts, if Management believes that these changes are necessary to maintain the caracter and functioning of the exhibition.  The exhibitor in this case can not claim full or partial reimbursement to Management.

    The property of the participant will be exposed to its risks and the Management will not be responsible for any theft or fire loss or other causes beyond the control of Management.  Participants are obligated to take out individual insurance to cover their civil liability toward third parties and the risks of damage to property (Theft, fire, accident).   The participant is required to take out liability insurance of two  (2) million. 
    This insurance must name the Salon International des Arts Martiaux as an additional insured  and must include an insurance against all risks for tenants and all other insurance needed for the participation to the exhibition.  Such insurance should prevail early installation date until the date of discharge stipulated in the contract. 
    The participant is responsible for any damage resulting from its participation in the exhibition and it holds free of charge the promoters and Management of Salon International des Arts Martiaux.


    If, following a fire, a strike, a riot, a labor dispute, an accident or other unforeseeable circumstances, the exhibition can not take place or can not continue, this agreement will terminate automatically, in whole or for the entire period during wich the exhibition can not continue, depending on the the case, and the exhibitor shall pay for space only for the period during wich the area was been used by the exhibitor.   Should, for any reason that the exhibition would be held as proposed, Management will have full and final release of all claims for damages on repayment of money received to the exhibitor. 

    Participants must comply with the regulations of the local unions having jurisdiction in the building and to agreements between Management and all contractors and concessions operating in the building.  The exhibitor must obey all instructions and regulations regarding health, fire and all the other regulations.
    The exhibitor should not place any act that could in any way increase the risk of fire or the insurance premium or violate the provisions of a fire insurance policy or any other insurance policy.

    As a participant, the exhibitor, his team and employees acknowledge having read and understand the risk of injury or any other harm by practicing martial arts or other activities taking place at the Salon International des Arts Martiaux.  The participant, hereby, release and discharge the Salon International des Arts Martiaux, the Palais des congrès and each of their promotors, employees , parents, affiliates or indépendant contractors from any and all manner of claims, demands, damages, cause of action or suits.  Signature required for each participant.  See below DISCLAIMER / CONSENT FORM AND APPROVAL OF PARTICIPANTS.   To be delivered no later than May 1st, 2017.